Zambia Ministry of General Education Public Service Documents now available for download


Are you a teacher in Zambia in need of some documents like sick leave, accounts form 81, Imprest Retirement, Application for Sick Leave, Vital Statistics, Letter of appointment, Recommendation for Confirmation, Teaching Staff Establishment, Staff Release, Statistical Teacher Application Form 1, Teachers’ Application for formation of Parent Association, Rural Hardship Allowance, Retirement of Special Imprest, Application for the registration of Private Schools, Regional Clearance Certificate, Quest Training Form, PMECP Form OA, Meal and Lunch Allowance Clain Form, Long Service Bonus, Local Leave, Application for Own Arrangements Housing Allowance, Double Class Allowance, Extra Duty Allowance, CSb 31 – Form of Certificate of Medical Examination, Application for Special Imprest, Apas Form, Accounts Form 44, Acc Form No 2, Arrival Advice and Payment of Salaries and many more

In the Teaching Service of Zambia, there are a lot of documents that officers need to fill at various levels of there employment. Finding these documents when they are needed can very difficult sometimes. Especially if the are needed urgently in order to complete a documentation procedure

You can now download the Zambia Ministry of education Public Service documents.

Click here to download and access the documents

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