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A collection of schools that are willing to use online tools to enhance learning and teaching in their schools. This ...
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From the moment we start school, our educators begin teaching us the fundamentals of reading. We learn our alphabet and ...
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Free downloads of educational resources which include books, syllabi lesson plans, software, schemes of work, scientific papers, e.t.c Educational Resource ...
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Jobbicks Kalumba

Zambia Schemes of Work For Senior Secondary Now Available for download

A scheme of work is a document which summarises the content of a course of instruction, and which divides the course content into manageable portions for logical and organized teaching and assessment. Syllabus documentation may not always be arranged into ...
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Teaching Service Commission

Zambia Ministry of General Education Public Service Documents now available for download

Are you a teacher in Zambia in need of some documents like sick leave, accounts form 81, Imprest Retirement, Application for Sick Leave, Vital Statistics, Letter of appointment, Recommendation for Confirmation, Teaching Staff Establishment, Staff Release, Statistical Teacher Application Form ...
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